Sunday, August 28, 2016

A foggy start to the day...

We slept in this morning, the first of our days off.  I was still sore from the rough trips on Saturday... it felt good to just lay there and stretch.  Little Izzy curled up by me... she is a "Momma cuddler," so that was a nice start for my day.

I got up, fed Iz, and opened up the shades...

Whoa - foggy!  When Joan got up, she said, "I don't think we have many people coming in on flights today."

I said, "Days off - not your concern."

Not always easy to just turn it off... because she cares.

Looking at the 10 day forecast, the weasels have again changed their minds - looks like we are in for a wet week ahead.  I started thinking about this upcoming last work week... nope, days off, think about that in a couple days.

Izzy asked if she could go outside... "No, it is cold and wet out there."  I let her out for a bit on Saturday, when the wind was howling... she put her face into the wind and wanted to come right back inside.  Smart cat.  With the rain yesterday, she was inside the whole day.  She is a house cat, but really likes to be outside... on her leash.  If I open the door and she "makes a break for it," she will go a couple steps, then wait to get her leash hooked up.

This morning, she will have to be content to be in her bed, next to Joan on "their side" of the dinette.

I know what she is dreaming about...

For full disclosure, those images were on the camera when I got it out to shoot the fog this morning.  But, I know what my little furry girl likes.

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