Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Been a while...

... since we have taken the scoots out to play.  Oh, I still scoot commute each work day; lately, I have been driving Joan's scoot to get more miles on it (compared to mine).  Today, we were just out and about on the scoots, enjoying the beautiful weather.

How beautiful?  Thanks for asking... mid-70s, bright blue sky with lots of sunshine, and very little wind.  Nice!

We did grocery shopping and laundry this morning, so we could play this afternoon.

Just fun to be out today...

We wound up at Roche Harbor for a late lunch at Madrona Grill.

We decided to see what kind of shape the roads were in that had the worst of the construction.  Through the trees to get to a road we haven't been on for a couple months...

I didn't get photos of that road - much of the work is done on Wold Rd - there is still some loose gravel, and it will need to be sealed and striped.  Probably not going to be finished while we're here.

Coming home, we drove on another road that had the center stripe way off center.  As I was discussing that with Joan (bike to bike), a ratty while pickup came around us... uphill... on a solid yellow center line.  When a Volkswagen van came over the top of the hill, the asshole in the truck swerved back into our lane - coming in between us, and not missing either of us by much!  Some good riding on our parts is what kept of from getting greased off.  Did I mention: asshole?

Joan said that she thought it was the same truck that blew by us a couple years ago, then screached on his brakes, so the guy could holler "Those things shouldn't even be on the road!"  Yep, pretty sure it was the same asshole.  At some point, this asshole is going to cause a nasty accident - hopefully, it will be a one-vehicle situation and he won't take someone else out with him.  Because... he is an asshole.  Of course, I am kidding: an asshole is a necessary body part... nothing essential about this asshole; I mean that in the derogatory sense, not in the body part sense.  'Cause he's an asshole.

I let it go.  Back to the coach, some outdoor time with little Iz, and just enjoying what's left of the beautiful day.

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