Thursday, August 18, 2016

Just maybe: the cleanest Aspect on San Juan Island...

To my knowledge, it is the only Aspect on San Juan Island.  ;-)

Today was an "on call" day for me: turned out to have no scheduled public trip on the boat I was scheduled for, and no charter.  The boss asked if I'd like to co-captain one of the other boats - nice of him to offer, but I'll take a "bonus" day off.

I have been trying to get a block of time to get the motorhome exterior cleaned, and today is now the day... way better than doing it on a scheduled day off.  Well, it seems better - almost like playing hookey.

I had to go over the front cap several times to get it sparkling again...

Lots of nooks, crannies, and details around that front cab; the sides are easy: mostly flat surfaces.  It is a warm day today: 83º, but not much humidity... that white shirt is long sleeve to keep me from frying in the sun - Cool Max material.

As long as I was at it, I scrubbed the cargo trailer, too.  We want to look pretty when we're heading down the road... a few weeks from now.  :-)

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