Tuesday, August 30, 2016


A participant on a boating site I frequent was asking about cruising in the San Juan Islands... this is a world class cruising area, and I gave him some tips on not-to-be-missed places,  I described Friday Harbor as a quaint waterfront town.

We went out for breakfast this morning, then took care of some errands and chores in town.  While walking around I saw this...

There is a shop beyond that tree arch.  I have walked by this place many times, but never paid any attention to that tree arch... they do a great job in keeping it trimmed and looking good.  Definitely, a unique entrance.

Walking down the street...

Many of the shops in town have flowers outside.  The city maintains hanging baskets of flowers on the main drag (Spring Street).  Yeah, I'd call this place "quaint."  Plenty of touristy shops, but also restaurants and places where you can get the necessities.  We have only gotten off the island twice during our season here, and haven't missed the shopping opportunities.

Yes, things are more expensive here - you really notice that when you go to the grocery store: an item on the mainland that is $1.99 is $2.99 here... it is easy to say, "Well, that is only a dollar more," until you start figuring percentages... and it is 50% more expensive here.

It's an island.  Everything costs more here because it has to get here on the ferry.  Joan fields lots of calls from people that have no idea where Friday Harbor and San Juan Island are... "We're at Pier 59 in Seattle - I don't see your boat anywhere..."  Might be because it is a two hour drive north, then an hour and ten minute ferry ride from there.  Or, a 50 minute flight by seaplane.  Probably what helps keep this place "quaint" - you aren't going to just be "driving by."

I kinda like that.


MarkJ said...

Just want to take a minute to thank you Jim for your daily posts. They are fun, informative and the photography is amazing! Not to mention the sassiness of your personality. There is the CAT THING which is where we differ. However, Izzy is a gorgeous and well behaved cat. I could probably like that little feline.... All that to say "Keep up the good work"!!! Still hoping some day to call Joan, make a reservation and show up on your boat. I'll be the one making sassy remarks with a smirk on my face... ;-}

Captain Jim and the Blonde said...

You better hurry, Mark. We are about to wrap up our season. ;-)

Thanks for the kind words. We appreciate the opportunities we have with our "fun summer jobs," and we're looking forward to some land cruising very soon.

Oh, and Izzy says, "Probably? You could PROBABLY like that little feline?? Bite me!"

So much for "well behaved."

MarkJ said...

Exactly!!! Damn cats!!! LOL!!! ;-)
Can't wait to hear about your future travels!