Sunday, November 20, 2016

Almost here...

I can tell by my e-mail in-box, text messages, and all the commercials on TV... it is almost Christmas.

What's that?  It's not?  It's 5 weeks away?  Are you sure??

Where, there is this Christmas related meme going around...


It was a windy day yesterday.  There is something we want to pick up for the house, and found it on-line at Home Depot... seems like a good day for an outing to the "big city."  Before we went in, I was told, "We don't need anymore Christmas decorations..."

I like to decorate for Christmas.  Not in a Clark Griswold kinda way, except for the times we've been in the Lighted Boat Parade.  Taken 1st place in our category a couple times, but I digress.  I like to put up a small tree inside and some lights outside... last year, we went to Arizona before Christmas, so we didn't decorate outside.  It felt kinda Scrooge-ish.

As we walked into Home Depot, I agreed: no more Christmas decorations...

Doesn't mean you can't look... I mean, they put the Christmas stuff right there as you come in the door!  That's a lot of baby reindeer that bit the dust.  ;-)

And speaking of Home Depot: what's up with the entrance and exit being a block apart in those stores?  You have to make parking decisions as you pull up: do you park close to the entrance so you can just bop in and pick up what you need?  Then, you'll have to walk the long walk from the exit to your car.  Park close to the exit, so it will be a shorter walk when you're tired after walking through that whole store?  Split the difference and park between them?  Yeah, try to find a parking place there.  ;-)

They didn't have what we were looking for.

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Hudson River Boater said...

Walk in or out whatever door you want-- That's what I do.. Never had a problem with do'n that..