Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Don't be late...

Don't be early.

It is Tuesday; hot and humid, with the wind blowing out of the south at about a million miles per hour.  Of course I am exaggerating: it is 82º, but "feels like" 90º.  The wind?  It is blowing around 20, gusting above 35.  The air outside looks "thick"... the dirt/sand in the wind is clinging to the humidity.  Some might call it haze; I am inclined to refer to it as "yuck."  A technical meteorological term.

What does one do when the outside conditions are yuck?  Exactly: go out for lunch.  We called friends Mike and MJ to see if they wanted to get out; they haven't eaten at Russo's, yet.

"What time?"

"12:38.  Don't be late."

"We won't."

"Don't be early."

Darned if they didn't show up right on the dot!  ;-)  The pizza was good; the conversation is never dull with these two.  They would like to be out fishing... but, not in this yuck.

It is surprising that either of us made it there on time - the bridge was open when we got to it.  I carry a handheld VHF in the car.. clicked it on and heard the approaching tug captain say, "We are pushing a double barge, empty, two minutes from the Long Island Swing Bridge, eastbound.  Any concerned traffic..."

Our bridge opens just wide enough for a double barge.  Empty in this wind?  Not my idea of fun.  Joan whipped out her phone to get a video of it, just in case.  This guy was good: he crabbed into the wind just a bit before the bridge, straightened out as the front of the barges came up on the opening, then crabbed again as it passed.  Impressive.

Photo courtesy of Joan's phone, a screenshot from the video.


Back to the vote.  No, not that one, the meaningful one - yes, the national debate for the right to name the boat.

What's that?  Does this boat really need a name?  Probably not.  We actually went places with our other boats - when you call into a marina for a slip, they want your boat name.  Odds are pretty good we won't be traveling with this pontoon.  Still, it deserves a name.

Early polling has determined a shift in the numbers: it is now 49% for one name, 48% for the other, 1% undecided, 2% don't give a rat's furry rear.  The fate of the boat name pretty much lies in the hearts and minds of that 1%.  Who could have seen this coming?  If there is no clear majority, the decision will go to the ...  hey, it's my boat; the decision will be mine!  As long as Joan says it's OK.  ;-)

A couple mock-ups:

The name will go in an area that is dark gray; other graphics on the boat are red and white.


Hudson River Boater said...

"Island Tune"? Maybe if you serenade the "Blond" up and down your Canals..

"Cool Change" is good too-- Could bring up some good story's..

My '67 45' Connie was named "Pandora"-- Her box did open up a few times.. Told many story's about her..

Captain Jim and the Blonde said...

Ahem... Toon (as in pontoon), with the semi-obvious reference to the musical "tune," as well. As of this writing, Cool Change is ahead by a fraction of a percentage point, but neither is over 50%. I hope this doesn't drag out... although Island Toon has threatened that it will only accept the results of the voting if it wins.


"Pandora" seems like asking for trouble. :-O