Saturday, November 19, 2016

First norther of the season...

Nothing compared to the winter weather they are getting up north, with blizzard conditions in Colorado, Wyoming, South Dakota, and Minnesota.  Traces of that system moved into our area last night.

The UPS guy came to our door around 9:40 pm - I commented to him about putting in some long hours.  It was completely still outside.  About two minutes later, our lights flickered and it sounded like a freight train outside... I had to push hard to get the door open.  I would guess gusts above 40 mph, followed quickly by horizontal rain, lightning and thunder.  The UPS driving didn't even get off our street before it hit.  Joan said, "That UPS truck wouldn't be fun to drive in this."

I went out to check on the boat... the fenders and lines are doing their job.  For a brief moment, I thought the cover had come unhooked in one spot, but it was sheets of rain water bouncing off, thanks to the wind, and lit by our dock lights.

The wind settled into the mid to upper 20s, with gusts to 35 or so.  I checked the boat again before we went to bed.  Then again around 2:00 am: no change in the wind, the rain was done, and the boat is fine.  Still blowing at 6:30 when I got up.  Damn, this is like being on "anchor watch."

It was 63º when I got up.  The wind feels cold (no, not "frozen northland cold").  The high today is supposed to be 63º; may get down to 62º by 10:00 pm this evening.  Not much change.  Mostly clear now, so it may get into the upper 50s overnight.

I may need a nap this afternoon.  No, not out on the boat.  ;-)

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