Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Getting a bit furry...

No, not talking about my hairy hind-end or any man-scaping.  Go ahead - try to get that out of your head.

We are coming up on the hours where the break-in service is due; haven't been out on the boat in a couple days due to the howling wind here.  It was blowing 20 to 30 with higher gusts this morning, and starting to clock eastward from northwest.  It is going to get down to 55º in the Valley tonight; it will probably be in the upper 60s here at the coast.  Last night, one of the TV weather weasels said, "The low in the Valley will be around 55º tomorrow night."

The anchor woman said, "Fifty-five degrees?  That's freezing!"

Yes, she really said that.  You could make the argument that 55º is chilly for this area... but: freezing?

But, as usual, I digress - the weather doesn't have much to do with being furry... well, the past couple of hot, windy days may have aggravated the situation.  Like much of the past few weeks, I'm talking about the boat.  We did not bottom paint the boat, yet; I'd like to see how we do with just scrubbing it every couple weeks.  Today was the first day since we got it that I did some scrubbing...

It was late afternoon before the wind died down enough that I wanted to take the cover off.  Timing worked for us, since we went to our storage unit to get the boat trailer out.  We are scheduled for service first thing Friday morning, so we plan to pull the boat tomorrow... after getting a few more hours on it.  And, when the wind is supposed to be less.

In the meantime, the scrubbing went reasonably well - there was a pretty good green "fur" on the aft end of the pontoons; most of it came off with the stiff bristle scrub brush.  Should be easier to get the rest when the boat is out of the water.

We'll see how it plays out. 

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