Monday, November 21, 2016

Where are the cat photos??

Oh, come on - Izzy is the most photographed cat on the planet, so you know that's not an issue.  Talking with our dear daughter today, she gushed about how cute her new boy (Alfie) is.  Of course, we have to go with her on that, because she hasn't sent us any grandkitty photos in a very long time.

Apparently, ol' Dad can still work the guilt thing.  ;-)

Here is Alfie, the newest furry member of the family (7 months old)...

He is a handsome boy; getting quite a mane, too.

This would be Tasha (going on 2 years old)...

A beautiful furry girl.  Sweet as can be.

And, Torrie, the "grand dame" of the fur babies...

A kitty senior citizen, she puts up with the two younger ones, but needs her space.  And, her Dan.  This cat absolutely adores Dan.

We haven't seen Alfie in person, yet; plan to take care of that this winter, when we'll go a visitin'.

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