Monday, November 14, 2016

Yep... still raining

The weasels were predicting "clearing conditions" today.  They lied.  Maybe that is too harsh?  They guessed wrong again.  ;-)

We had to make a return trip to Mexico for the finished crowns.  It was an easy process, not much "fitting" to be done.  Glad to be rid of that temporary.

Coming back, we stopped at Bass Pro Shop - picked up the mooring cover for our boat (they had to order it) and made some more boat stuff purchases.  We are putting that VIP card to good use.

Drove back home in the rain, after gassing up at Sam's Club for $1.83 per gallon - the least expensive gas since we bought the Honda.  Makes me wish it had a bigger gas tank.  ;-)

Back home... Izzy is taking a nap.  Gray and drizzly outside, the boat is wet.  I'd like to take the boat out, but maybe I'll take a nap, too.

Maybe tomorrow I'll get to play with the boat?

Maybe the clouds will clear enough that I'll be able to see the Super Moon?  If not, it will be another 18 years before the moon will be that close again during the full moon.

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