Saturday, November 5, 2016

You can't always get what you wa-ant...

If you said, "the Rolling Stones," you get 50 bonus points.  Not a lot of points, because that was easy.  OK, 20 more bonus points if you said, "Released in 1969."

Izzy was looking especially cute yesterday morning...

She was able to hone her hunting skills by tracking down the red dot...

You can tell she isn't a kid anymore: the red dot is only pursued for a short time.  There are naps to taken, fur to be preened.

She got a worried look when we put some ice in a cooler and started getting ready to head out... "It's close to feeding time, so don't even think you're taking me somewhere..."

I called the guy we've been talking with about a boat; got his voice-mail.  I remembered from last week that he didn't come in until noon on Fridays - we decided to head that way to see about a boat deal.  When we got there, we found out it was his day off... looking in their shop, we saw the boat we were interested in was being rigged.  Asking one of the service guys, we found it was sold... "But we can sure get you another one!"

Some things happen for a reason.  Or so some people say.  We looked around at other boats they had in stock, climbed on a couple.  One thing holding me back on the sold one was the size: bigger than what I originally had in mind, but still small by most standards.  Heavy enough that we'd need to haul it around with the Aspect.

Which brings to mind a saying from my limbo-dancing days: "How low can you go?"  Of course, I am kidding - I was a pole dancer, not a limbo dancer... and "low" doesn't really relate to size, unless you go with the "Welcome Back, Kotter" reference of: you're so low you could crawl under an ant.

Proper response: you're so low you could play handball against the curb.  But, as usual, I digress.  We looked around some more...

No boat decisions, but smaller is looking better.  Then, a fine late lunch at Texas Roadhouse.  Which is interesting, because their corporate offices are in Kentucky, and it isn't really what I would consider a "roadhouse."  But, I do like their food.  I never leave there hungry.

Speaking of "hungry," which band did that song?

If you said, "Paul Revere and the Raiders," you get 200 bonus points.  50 more if you said, "1966, from the album 'Spirit of '67'."

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