Friday, January 13, 2017

Damn! How sick am I??

No posts the last couple of days; whatever this bug is has knocked me on my butt.  Well, more on my back - not only have I not been outside the house, I have been horizontal more than I have been vertical.

No voice; throat still feels like I have been gargling with broken glass followed by a shot of alcohol.

Even little Izzy has been staying arm's length away from me... "Don't know what you've got, dude, but I don't want it."  She's usually sweeter than that.

But, this morning, I realized how bad I must sound: my cousin called me.  We check in with each other now and then, so this wasn't unusual.  But, after asking, "What's wrong with you?  You sound like shit!", he was nice to me.  That is unusual.  He must know something I don't.

On the bright side, I am upright.  Bathed.  Shaved.  Even sat and play guitar for a few minutes.  I look out the window at the blue sky and the swaying palm trees... and miss being out on the boat.  It has been pretty windy the past couple days, so I probably wouldn't have gone out, anyway.

I haven't been out for lunch all week.  Just realized that.  Dang, this is bad. 

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