Friday, January 6, 2017

It's back...

Winter.  Yeah, that's a relative term.

Yesterday, we had breakfast out on the deck.  Boating in the sunshine.  Dolphins smiling at us.  Very light breeze.  Flat water.

Today: horizontal rain, being blown by 30+ mph wind, and dropping temps.  It was 62º when I got up, down to 50º at 10:00, and predicted to be in the upper 30s tonight.  Yep, the local weather weasel got it right about needing "winter weather gear" today... well, except for the fact that we don't intend to go outside.  OK, I went outside shortly after 6:00 this morning, to check on the boat.  But, that's it.  Not going outside.  Maybe to get something for lunch... it's cold out there; maybe not.

As the young people say: Netflix and chill.  Well, except it will be cable or satellite... maybe movies on Amazon Prime... and warm, not chill.  What?  That's not what they mean by "chill"?  I can't keep up.

Get off my lawn, ya damn kids!



On edit:

It's raining up!  Well, the rain is falling down, but the wind that I mentioned blowing it horizontal is moving the rain up and over the small bridge by our house... kinda like watching smoke on a curved surface in a wind tunnel.  It isn't blowing sideways there, it is blowing in an upward curve.



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