Tuesday, January 10, 2017

That didn't work out like I planned...

I left the cover off the boat yesterday, thinking I might get out early this morning.

My sinuses and lungs apparently got together and decided we'd take the day off.  Whatever kind of crud Joan had hit me hard last night.  I feel like crap.

Joan got me some over-the-counter cold stuff; pretty sure it doesn't do anything for your cold, but numbs your senses so you don't notice how miserable you feel.  There is a daytime and a nighttime container in the box... it says "New Improved Flavor" on the outside of the box.

Last time I took that stuff, I determined the daytime stuff tasted like crap.  The nighttime stuff tasted like dirt.  I'm thinking: with the new improved flavor, they could have said, "Now tastes more like dirt and less like crap!"

Fun for the whole family.

On the bright side, the wind is blowing around 25, gusting to the mid-30s.  Not cold, it was in the mid-70s when I went out to the boat around the crack of noon to put the cover back on it.  That is a chore when I feel good... even more fun to put your head down and have the snot drip out faster than... well, let's just say the crap flavored stuff doesn't seem to be doing shit.  Hope I'm not getting over your head with the medical terminology.  ;-)

My buddy Mike came by while I was working on the cover.  I warned him to keep his distance.  Not for security sake (Mike seems pretty trust-worthy ;-) ); no, I don't want to give this lung-burnin' stuff to anyone.  Well, unless they piss me off.  Pretty easy to do when I don't feel good.

Other than the wind, it's a lovely day.  Probably woulda been good to get out for an early boat ride, before the wind came up.  OK, that pisses me off.  Not going, that is.


Hudson River Boater said...

Better Days to come-- One can hope.. I know tomorrow will come-- Can't stop that..

Eat well..

Captain Jim and the Blonde said...

Thanks, HRB. Eating is no problem. Well, it hurts to swallow, but hot chocolate seems to help. ;-)