Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Did you win those on Price Is Right??

Yes, that's what the guy asked.  We were just bopping around on the scooters again today.  The weather is beautiful - a perfect day for being out and about.  We stopped at a Helmet Center, to see if they had any hot deals on lightweight armor jackets.  On the way into the place, the guy behind the counter asked, "Did you win those bikes on Price Is Right?  I was watching that this morning, and a couple won matching scooters like yours."

"Um... no.  We had to pay cash money for 'em," I answered.

"Are those Piaggios?" he asked.

"No, we don't go for that fer-in stuff - those are Hondas."  Before he could tell me Hondas aren't made in America, I said, "That's a joke, son."  He was another nice, enthusiastic guy - must be what they look for when hiring here.

It reminded me of the young lady where we ate lunch yesterday: I said, "Thank you," when she handed me my soda, and she replied, "My pleasure."

I asked her, "Did your manager train you to say 'My pleasure' instead of 'No problem'?"

She looked around to see if anyone else was listening and said, "Yes.  I don't know why."

"That's nice.  'My pleasure' sounds WAY better than 'No problem,' unless you are in Jamaica.  In the food service business, waiting on the customer shouldn't be a problem - so, you shouldn't have to tell them, 'No problem.' "

She said, "I hadn't thought of that.  Everybody says, 'No problem.'"

"Kinda nice to be a level above the others, isn't it?"  She smiled.  And maybe learned that her manager does have some good information to share.

When leaving Helmet Center, two old guys on dirt bikes came rolling up - they were completely outfitted in armored jackets, pants, and desert boots.  One of them said to Joan, "That's the wrong kind of footwear for a motorcycle, young lady."

I said, "She doesn't take well to being told what to do."

Joan was chuckling.  I continued, "I've been married to that woman for over 40 years - I'd get my ass handed to me if I talked to her like that."

"Well, I've been married for 47 years, " he came back.

"Not to this woman, you haven't.  Do you tell your wife what kind of shoes to wear?  It would be kind of embarrassing for you to get your ass kicked by a woman, wouldn't it?"

He looked down and realized that maybe his advice wasn't being solicited.  His friend came over to tell us how they were riding in the desert with "a couple women from South Dakota and Minnesota that could ride as well as any man."


Today, we stopped for lunch at another place where the staff has good training...

Anyone recognize that place in the background?  Their employees are always smiling, always friendly.  And, it's a fine burger they serve.

One more new thing on the ride today: Joan got us phone holders for the bikes.  I spent a whole 99¢ on a GPS app (MotionX Drive).  I have it on the iPad, but my phone couldn't come up with it as purchased.  It does a fine job as a GPS on the iPhone.

In spite of what the Kindle commercials might lead you to believe, you can read it in the sunlight.  ;-)  Mostly, I wanted to find out how accurate the PCX speedometer is... seems that a lot of scooters are about 10% optimistic on speed.  This checked out right on... at 30, 45, and 55.  I didn't run it any higher than that.  I'm pleased.

On topping off the tank today, my scooter logged in at 103 mpg, best I've done in a while.  Most of our riding on this tank was 45 mph or less.  Of course, Joan's did better: 108 mpg.

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