Monday, March 3, 2014

I wanna go... NOW!

Little Izzy's eyes sparkle in the early morning light...

Those gold flecks in her eyes really catch the light.  She wanted to go for a walk...

"Can we go for a walk?  It's really nice out.  I saw some birds.  It isn't raining.  Can we?  Can we?"

"Come on, Iz.  I haven't finished my hot chocolate, yet.  Give it a few minutes, OK?"

"Oh, pleeeeeeeezzzzzeee?  I just wanna go for a walk.  You get to go any time you want.  Please, please, please?"

"Give it a few minutes."

"It's not fair!  I just wanna go for a walk.  I won't ask again for at least 20 minutes.  Whattaya say?"

"Give it a couple minutes."

"I wanna go NOW!!!"


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Bill K said...

LOL !!!

Bill Kelleher