Saturday, March 15, 2014

More deja vu...

We invited Steph and Dan to join us tonight at a concert featuring Little River Band.  Yep, 70s and 80s music: Cool Change, Reminiscing, Lonesome Loser, Take It Easy On Me, The Nightowls, Happy Anniversary, and a bunch more.

I did some research on LRB - they have been touring almost constantly since the 70s and have gone through a bunch of people in the band.  None of the originals are still with the band.  As Joan said today, "We're going for the music, not the band members."

I remember the days of playing in a band where the band did not own their name... and the management agency (who does own the name) making more each night than the individual band members.

Ah, what we do for the music.  ;-)

Oh, and St. Patrick's weekend partiers.  Full moon this weekend.  Should be interesting.

A link with some music and water mammals...

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