Sunday, March 2, 2014

Rain Day...

After 70 days with no precipitation, the rain came rolling in about 2:00 am Saturday... and rained for the next 24 hours.  There was some big wind associated with it in some places in the Phoenix area, and some damage (perhaps a tornado... here??).  There were a lot of things going on this weekend: opening weekend of Spring Training season and NASCAR at Phoenix International Raceway.  From what I read, both were expecting big crowds

It was a cocooning day for us... Joan is nursing a cold, Izzy can't go for a walk 'cause everything is wet outside.  I spent plenty of time on the computer.  And, speaking of the computer, the issue we were having with our hotspot connecting with my computer "healed itself" when we moved to this new site.  That confirms what I thought: we were getting interference with the channel.  The computer/iPhone combination worked fine everywhere else.  We worked around that issue by tethering the phone to my computer and leaving the hotspot on for the other devices - that worked fine.

Sunday, and as Annie said, the sun did come out (tomorrow).  Forecast for the next 10 days is 0% chance of precip, mostly sunny.  Almost an inch of rain in most areas yesterday... not sure if that is too little, too late, for the cacti to bloom.

Little Izzy this morning...

She is laying between the couch and the window... Molly used to lay spread eagle on the back of the couch - Izzy isn't broad enough for that.  You can tell by the look on her face that she doesn't understand why we can't go for a walk - after all, the sun is shining.  Fear not, she got her walk in after things dried out a bit.

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