Tuesday, April 5, 2016

A clean coach is a happy coach...

We squished a lot of bugs on the way to north Texas and back.  I've often thought that paint manufacturers should consider using bug guts in their product - it sticks!  The rain that we drove through on the way up didn't help, either.

I went over the whole coach twice, with the Winnebago-recommended baby shampoo.  Then, I went over the front cab twice more.  There are still some bug guts that are going to require a cherry-picker to get at that may just be a part of the paint scheme now.  ;-)

Yes, I am aware of the "car washing only allowed on Wednesdays and Saturdays" on our island.  I plan to be taking the coach back to the storage unit tomorrow morning... so, I went a big "rogue" today.

Every muscle in my body aches.  It isn't just the running and lifting that I can't do like I used to... I could wash a 40' coach in a couple hours, including hand scrubbing in my younger years.  And then go jump on a bike.  This took a bit longer today... and then I slowly slid onto the couch.



Bill K said...

I can relate, I have to take break's washing my 22' C-Dory. :(

Bill Kelleher

Captain Jim and the Blonde said...

As long as you aren't on a schedule. And, there's more time boating than working on the boat. :-)

billyptx said...

How does a person get a PM to you? I have a question about your Aspect (A problem that I am trying to solve in my new to me Aspect).