Sunday, April 17, 2016


Does that word bring mental images of a covered lounge on the beach?  Not to Izzy.

The past Christmas, Iz received a pop-up "cat tent" - I quickly became a favorite lounging place for her.  It can be moved... on the bed in the motorhome when we are rolling.  Repositioned up front when we stop.  It can go where the view is the best, or where it is quiet.

Originally, we put a towel in it, for cushioning.  Of course, we don't call it a towel - it is her "blankie."

While we're home, Joan has the opportunity to do some sewing... she made a quilted pad for the cabana, to replace the towel.  Izzy took to that right away, too.

It's a nice little hide-away, but plenty of flow-through ventilation and a view.  We could all use a cabana. 

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