Saturday, April 2, 2016

Family gathering...

Joan's youngest brother is getting married this afternoon.  He met a delightful lady, and they are a great couple.  'Tis a happy day.

Last night, we got to meet her family (easy to see where she gets that "nice" from) and get together with Joan's siblings, spouses, and kids.  Very nice to catch up with everyone.


On edit:

Nothing says "Happy Wedding Day" like a trip to the casino.  Billed as "the largest casino in the world," Winstar Casino is just over the state line in Oklahoma, about 5 minutes north of where we are staying.

No, the bride and groom are otherwise occupied - plus they live right here, so they can go to this casino any ol' time they want.  We went with Joan's brother and sister and their spouses... to have lunch.  We were told they have a nice Italian restaurant there... I'm in.

The casino is HUGE.  We walked through a couple blocks of slot machines to find our way to the restaurant.  As we were told, the food was good.  Lively conversation.  "Well, since we're here, we should probably play for a while..."

Joan found a Big Bang Theory slot...

Apparently, Sheldon, Leonard, and the gang were nice to her.  Beth (Joan's sister) showed her how to play roulette.  I played for an hour and a half, and quit when I got back down to even.  It was a fun diversion.

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