Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Four across...

We planned to get the motorhome into the storage unit this morning... the weather weasels are calling for "a chance of drops" by this evening.  I could just see it raining for 30 seconds, before I could get the coach put away!

When we got to the storage unit, there was a ladder outside our door, no one around.  Joan started to raise the door, and heard a voice.  Turns out, Rusty (the owner of the storage units) was inside, adjusting the tracks on the door.  They seemed fine to me, but he is big on preventative maintenance.

He had two ladders inside the unit.  I said, "How about we go to lunch, and come back in an hour or so?"  Rusty was very happy with that offer.

We had a nice lunch at Lone Star Steakhouse, then made a stop at the nearby Sam's Club.  My card hasn't been reading at the Sam's gas pumps, so they gave me a new card.  When we went to pay at the check-out, I found that I am now apparently an employee of the La Ferria Independent School District.  Yeah, another stint standing in the Customer Service line.

It was looking kinda gray as we drove back to the storage unit, but we got the motorhome inside, and no water spots!  :-)

The most direct way back to our house is on what I would call "back roads."  At one point, there was a pickup pulling a trailer (with an obviously heavy load), followed by 3 cars... all ahead of us.  At one point, the three cars decided it was time to pass the slow moving truck.  Two passed at the same time, on the right - one in the on-coming traffic lane, the other on the shoulder of the on-coming lane.  The third car?  Yep, on the shoulder to the right.  Four vehicles abreast, on a two-lane road!  This would shock me in any other state... not here.

No, I do not have photo proof... I was busy, trying to figure out which ditch to go for if any of those idiots made a bad move.  "Fast and Furious"... it's a daily driving event around here.  (Sigh)

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