Monday, April 4, 2016

Jiggity jig...

As in: "Home again, home again..."

That was a lot of driving, violating our 2/2/2 rule all but one day.  But, it was a treat to get to see Joan's family, and the wedding of her youngest brother.

The trip back today was pretty easy.  Oh, sure, there was a headwind... but, it wasn't bad.  We even got 9.7 mpg, and saved 20¢ per gallon again, thanks to Gas Buddy and the Blonde.

We were home in time for a slightly late lunch for Isabella.  Unloaded the motorhome.  We smashed a LOT of bugs along the way, and it is in dire need of a thorough washing... in spite of the moisture this area has seen in the last few months, our island is still on water restrictions.  I can't wash the motorhome until Wednesday.  Truth be told, I'm OK with that - the unloading wore me out.  ;-)

You could tell we were back in deep south Texas - no, not the palm trees lining the road shot...

Yeah, it's flat.  This is north of the Tropical Tip.  We did pass some farms along the way... in the exotic land of Eye-Oh-Wah, the saying about corn is: "Knee high by the 4th of July."  This stuff was above your waist by the 4th of April... and that doesn't rhyme worth a darn.

Good to be home.  Anybody wanna help me wash the motorhome?

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