Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Scraping the bottom...

No, not the bottom of the barrel.

Around here, even with bottom paint, boat bottoms need regular cleaning.  For some, that may mean going to the boatyard with a travel lift and having them pressure wash the bottom.  Good way to lose more bottom paint.

Some will beach their boat and get at the bottom from in the water.  Over the years, we have pulled boats up on trailers to clean them, or anchored in chest-deep water to reach the bottom with a long handled stiff brush.

Early this evening, I took Izzy outside; we watched the neighbors doing this...

Yeah, the guy has put a rachet strap around himself and the mast.  The boat (a Com-Pac 16) is pretty small and lightweight... his weight is enough to heel the boat over so his wife can get at most of the bottom.  I would think that is putting quite a bit of stress on the mast-step, but that tough little boat looks to be up to it.

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