Monday, April 25, 2016


I am not big on "sharing" on Facebook.  Looking through my FB newsfeed, this came up...

No, I am not in the market for another guitar.

That is not a wood guitar.  Some of you know I am a fan of the RainSong Shorty carbon fiber guitar I have for traveling.  Carbon fiber isn't affected by climate influences (heat, cold, humidity, dry) like a nice wood guitar.  That guitar above is made from carbon fiber with a cocobolo wood veneer on the top.  Gorgeous!

Look close, and you can see the carbon fiber weave on the back and sides.  Yeah, with color infused.  The manufacturer (Emerald, from Ireland) is doing some very interesting things with carbon fiber.  For full disclosure, I have never seen an Emerald in person; they only sell factory direct, so there isn't a dealer in the US where you can go see one of these.

I bet Ireland is pretty this time of year.  ;-)

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