Monday, April 18, 2016

That face...

Look at that sweet little face...

Yeah, I know: nothing about what we're doing.  Much of Texas is in the midst of some awful weather - heavy rain and flooding in Houston; a tornado just northeast of Laredo; a flash flood watch for the Dallas area.  The prediction for us was supposed to rain today - it hasn't made it this far south, yet.  There is some nasty weather coming off the mountains around Monterey, Mexico, and that will probably make an appearance for us during the night.

Assuming the rain would hit today, we decided to make this a running around day - shopping for things we can't find in town, and lunch out.  Not a drop fell on us anywhere we were.  Coming home around 3:30, it was actually sunny at home.  We'll see what the evening holds for us; the local weather weasels are hedging their bets.

And, since we have no grandkids, I get to take advantage of the pretty light coming through the windows to photograph... that face.

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