Thursday, October 6, 2016

92 whole miles...

A hot one today... forecast high for this area is 92º.  We traveled 92 miles.  I guess it is a good thing we didn't go 120 miles today.  ;-)

After going through Kerrville, it was Interstate the rest of our drive.  We picked our time to go through the middle of San Antonio (late morning, almost noon), and the traffic was reasonable.  Which is good, when driving our "circus train."

Hot and humid when we set up at the next RV park.  They had a long pull-through site, where we have length to spare (we have been in this site with the HitchHiker and cargo trailer in the past).  Joan unhooked the car and cargo trailer while I went in to register... the coach felt like a sports car for the short drive to the site.

It was hot enough that Iz (after pestering us) went outside and didn't want to walk anywhere that wasn't shady.  And after a bit, even the shade was too hot.

The last time we saw temps this hot was in Phoenix, on our way to the Pacific Northwest.

So... after our summer in the PNW, we are nearly back home... to another "summer."

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