Thursday, October 13, 2016

A different experience...

The next air conditioning crew came out this morning - they said they'd be here "around 9:30"... they were.  One in a row.  The owner told me he'd be about a half hour behind his two workers.  He was.  It took a lot of checking, but they found the leak.

He ordered the replacement parts from the manufacturer while he was here; told me to expect a week to 10 days for the parts to come in (nothing he can do about that).  In the meantime, he checked to make sure it was still cooling and said to call him if we noticed any issue with it before them come back to do the repair/replacement - said he would come right out and charge up the refrigerant again, if necessary.

These guys dug further into it than anyone previously.  I am hopeful that this may fix the ongoing issue.  Finding a conscientious service person may not be a big deal where you are... down here, it is.

I'll let you know in 10 days or so.  ;-)


After lunch at Russo's (Italian) on the island, we drove around a bit... first time since we've been back that we had a few minutes to go by the beach...

Not much of a crowd out there, huh?  ;-)  Weekends will be busy with local folks, but this is a pretty quiet time here.  Driving around SPI, there was very little traffic.  Not particularly good for business, but typical for October.  Quite warm again today: 87º (feels like 95º).

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