Thursday, October 27, 2016

It's beginning to look a lot like...

... summer.  Another warm, but windy, day in the Tropical Tip.  I got in a nice e-bike ride this morning, before the wind kicked up.  It was around 80º while I was out, plenty of sunshine.  I rode off our island (over the swing bridge that crosses the ICW) and around Port Isabel.  It is seriously flat around here.  ;-)

We decided on lunch at Pier 19 today...

The views out the window are of the Laguna Madre - a surprising amount of excursion boat traffic, considering this is a weekday in late October.  Dolphin Watch boats, fishing boats, and a parasail boat.  Glad to see the activity.  Oh, and lunch was tasty; food always tastes better on the water.  :-)

From there, we spent some time at the beach...

The wind had kicked up, making for some surf action.  Only one kite surfer out there taking advantage of it.  I got a bit of sticker shock when Joan went into the park office to renew our annual entrance pass (an electronic sticker on the windshield) - we paid $58 for the annual pass last year, it is $100 now!  You can get to beach access all up and down the island, but using Isla Blanca Park gives you good parking and beach amenities (not all open in the "winter" months).

Back home, we got a call to join friends Mike and MJ at their new house (less than a block from us) for happy hour.  They are getting moved in, and the place looks great!  A lot of work, but also the excitement of a new home for them.  A pleasure to get caught up on what we've all been doing since we saw them last.

Still 80º at 9:00 pm.  Yep, still "summer" here.

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