Friday, October 21, 2016

Izzy's Little Adventure...

For almost 8 years, when we have been away from the house (and that is more often than not), Izzy likes to walk.  On her leash.  For some reason, she is not keen on that when we are home.  Most of the time, she is happy to sit out on the deck, watch the birds, and occasionally sneak down the stairs when she thinks we aren't looking.

This afternoon, Joan thought Izzy was looking "lethargic"... not sickly, just not particularly perky.

Well, she is 8 years old.  Izzy, not Joan.  Hard to imagine, because to me she is still "the baby kitty."  Again, Izzy, not Joan.  Joan is the babe, not the baby.  But, I digress.  And I hardly ever do that.

I decided to coax Izzy into a walk.  And by "coax" I mean: I put the leash on her and said, "Come on, let's go for a walk."  Joan helped by walking with us.

There is generally a lot of activity around this place: people coming and going, car and golf cart traffic... which doesn't bother Iz... people talking and laughing is scary to her.  This is a particularly quiet time here... so we walked.  Across the driveway, which isn't that far.  Down to the end of the block, which isn't that far.  Across the small bridge that goes over our canal, which isn't that far.  And to the gazebo area, which... well, you know.  But, when you add that all together, it was a nice walk for the furry girl; the furthest she has walked here at home.  Plenty of sniffing.  No, I don't have a cold, Iz has to check out everything... especially anything the local dogs have peed on... which is pretty much everything.  Yep, digressing.

It was a good walk.  I would say my little furry girl is growing up, but at 8, she is pretty much cat-middle-age.  And not lethargic at all.  She just needed some exercise and fresh air.  Me, too.  ;-)

I didn't take the camera or my phone on the walk.  I think you might find a photo or two of Isabella if you look back through this blog.

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