Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Learning curve...

We finished the unloading process today - got the coach done yesterday, we went after the cargo trailer and the CR-V this morning.  We thought we'd get it done before "the hot part" of the day, but the sun was out and there was very little breeze (rare around here) - it was plenty hot before we got our work done.  Soak through your shirt kinda hot.

We cleaned up and went out for a late lunch.  I need one more connecting cord for the new harmonizer I picked up in San Antonio... Joan proposed we take a drive to Brownsville (Guitar Center)... I stopped at our local electronics shop (used to be a Radio Shack), and... surprise!  They had one.  XLR female on one end, and 1/4" guitar plug on the other end.

Back home (without having to go to Brownsville), I connected that last cord and turned it all on.  It does a great job with shaping the guitar sound, but I was having a real struggle with the harmony settings.  The harmonizer I have been using for years had a learning curve, but was pretty simple to master.  This new one has about a gazillion settings and options... press this button, then turn that dial, then press another button, then turn the knob again for 30 more options... over and over.  Reverb, chorus, delay, and over 100 presets and adjustments...

After almost two hours of messing with it, I went to my computer and started checking Youtube videos... yep, I'm doing what that video is showing.  Not getting the same results.  It came with no comprehensive manual, just a little pamphlet - yes, there is a 70 page manual in PDF format on-line.  That finally shed some light on it.  With less frustration and swearing.

There was a LOT of "Check... check... check."  Endless "Wooooooooooo"s while I made adjustments to the vocal effects.  My older unit took my voice and raised or lowered it for the harmony.  This new one processes my voice and makes it a male and/or female harmony.  It still depends on the "lead singer" to be on key.  Or, the whole group sings off key.

During all this checking, testing, and experimenting, I had Joan close the door to the guitar room on her way out (after checking on me: "So, how's it going?")... I wanted to lessen the impact of my learning curve on the rest of the household.

Little Izzy almost always comes in the room when I am playing.  She looked a little forlorn when I finally came out, somewhat victorious...

"So, are you going to make it sound nice, again?"

I'm trying, Iz; it's a learning process.

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