Monday, October 10, 2016

Makes me smile...

Our friend MJ calls it: the march of the penguins.  From the movie of the same name.  It is the loading/unloading process while moving in or out of the motorhome.  We started the unloading process this morning, before the heat of the day.  A lot of trips.

We have a system: Joan packs stuff, I haul it.  We each put our own stuff away.

One of the things I unpacked today...

The Orca statue we bought as a memento this summer.  One shelf on our entertainment center has whales and dolphin decor... this looks good there.  It makes me smile when I look at it.

I started setting up my guitar room - I'm anxious to try out the new Play Acoustic harmonizer and guitar EQ pedal... found out I need a cable that has an XLR connection on one end and a 1/4 guitar connection on the other.  With all the equipment I have, I don't have one of those.  Like a kid with a new toy at Christmas, and no batteries.  Joan wanted to pick up a few things at Walmart; I went along, hoping they'd have a cable or an adapter.  Nope.  We stopped at what used to be our Radio Shack... it is closed today.  The set up on the Play Acoustic will have to wait.

I made it up to myself with a stop at the Dairy Queen.

When we got home, little Izzy was on her tower...

That makes me smile, too.  The little furry girl has been re-exploring the house... she seems very content.

I'll be content when the moving in is done and the motorhome has been cleaned... the inside looks good (Joan's domain), the exterior looks like the bug version of The Killing Fields.  I'll work on that another day, when I can get an early start on it.

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