Friday, October 14, 2016

On official business...

We had the opportunity to deal with a guy at the Department of Public Safety today... otherwise known as the Drivers License and State ID place.  We had all the documentation in order: birth certificates, passports, drivers licenses, Social Security cards, and documentation from different entities showing our physical address here.

Our physical address is a 3 digit number on a street that the Post Office doesn't recognize - our mail is delivered to a central bunch of PO Boxes on our island.  But, we do pay taxes on the house we own here... and that has our physical address.  And the local power company has us listed with the same 3 digit number as our physical address, but uses the local box # as our mailing address.

The guy at DPS had to work hard to find a reason to reject our paperwork: "The addresses don't match!" 

"Do you not see the same 3 digit number on both papers?"  100 mile round trip wasted.  Until we went out for a bit, and Joan found the same 3 digit number with the same street name in another place on the billing paperwork from the power company.  We went back, had to get another number to wait in line, and got a different person at the DPS counter... she was much more efficient and pleasant than the previous guy, and said, "This all looks fine."  A few minutes later, I had my temporary Texas ID.

Frustrating.  Unnecessarily frustrating.

With the proper local documentation secured, I have signed up for a state certified gun safety class late next week.  I'm looking forward to it.

We did some shopping in Harlingen (where we went to the DPS office), had a wonderful lunch at Texas Roadhouse, then swung by the motorhome storage unit... where we backed the coach out, put some Sta-Bil in the fuel tank and ran the engine and generator.  Good to go.  Or, rather to sit for a while.

Another hot day in the Tropical Tip.  The local weather weasels have something to talk about: "Temps much higher than normal for this time of year!"  In the Valley (it is always cooler at the coast), the temps will be around 100º for the next 5 days... yeah, that is definitely warmer than typical for October.  It will be well into the mid-to-upper 80s... only cooling off to 79º to 80º at night.  "Expect a cold front to come through by next Thursday or Friday, dropping daytime highs to around 80º."

That's a cold front?

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