Wednesday, October 12, 2016


Like rats.

Our air conditioner is not cooling... much.  Not the first time we've been through this.  The contractor who put it in has given us recommendations on who to call for this.  They put in more refrigerant, and 6 months to a year later, it needs it again.  Three different people have looked at it, supposedly "fixed" the leak... and, yet, we still have a problem.

I called the a/c manufacturer.  They recommended I call someone to fix it.  "No shit?  Do you have anyone who is an authorized repair person?"  They suggested I get on-line to look for someone.

We have someone coming out "this afternoon."  I was wanting to get the motorhome put in the storage unit - I spent the morning getting the exterior cleaned (a lot of suicidal bugs), Joan cleaned the interior.  I dumped, flushed, and dumped holding tanks.  It is ready to go into storage... but, I am waiting for the a/c repair guy.

And, waiting.  It is hot outside.  After scrubbing down the coach for a couple hours, my clothes were all soaked; not from the hose.  The a/c is keeping the house at about 79º... partly because we are keeping the hurricane shutters on the west side of the house down, to help keep the heat out.  The high today is supposed to be 86º, with the humidity somewhere around 375%.  The low tonight is forecast to be 79º.  Yep, a 7º spread from the high to the low.  Warmer temps forecast for the rest of the week.  Sure hope that a/c guy shows up.  This afternoon.  Sometime.


On edit: the a/c guy showed up about 4:30.  I asked him about checking for a leak... he said, "Yep, I have checked it twice before.  If you don't have anything to do some day, spray some soapy water on there - if you find a leak, I will come fix it."  He was here about 10 minutes - put some refrigerant in (it was "only a bit low"), and it is cooling normal now.

I have another a/c guy coming in the morning.  He said, "If I can't find the problem, you won't have to pay for the service call."  (Parts are warrantied for 10 years on this unit, labor is not.)  I'm guessing he'll find something.

On the bright side, we got the coach put to bed in its storage unit.  I really didn't want to have it outside another night... after all the scrubbing I did on it today.  There will be a LOT of dew, and I would have to wipe it down again.

Coming back from the storage unit, this was the view as we were coming onto our island...

Soothing.  :-)

A few more things to get done around the house, and we can start settling in.

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