Wednesday, February 1, 2017

It's no secret...

I don't like this RV park.  Oh, the part itself is just fine, but the attitude of the management has been mostly indifferent.  Someone new bought the park this summer, and they are making changes.  When Joan made our reservations (last year), the office staff was the same.

We pulled in a day early, and they put us in the "back 40" for a night, since there was someone in the site we are scheduled to be in February and March.  They will be vacating today.  Check out time is noon.

While there was a lot of movement in the park this morning (typical on the first of the month), the folks in the site we'll be on left around 11:57.  Not much we could do, until we get "moved in."  I did mention to Joan that there is a Prevost bus not far from our site that has a cargo trailer... "Maybe the new management is allowing cargo trailers now?"  Seriously, that is the major thing that sticks in my craw about this place.

Around 11:00, Joan went to the office to get us checked in (they wouldn't let her do it at the same time she paid for our overnight spot yesterday)... when she came back she said, "Well, you'll be happy to know that they now allow you to have a cargo trailer on your site!"  I am amazed.  That arbitrary rule made no sense.  The site will look WAY less cluttered when you can put your stuff in a cargo trailer.  And, it is out of the blazing sun when not being used.

A "significant" victory, from my perspective.  We have stayed at other parks 3 or 4 times because of this no-cargo-trailer rule.  And, this park is the most convenient to Steph and Dan's house for us.

So, today was move-in day...

Yep, that brick structure you see close to the front of our motorhome is a garbage dumpster.  When I mentioned that, Joan said, "It will only be noisy when the truck comes to empty it, every other day or so."

About that time, two guys dropped off their garbage... "Screeeeeeeech, whang, thump, screeeeeeech!"  But, did I mention: I don't have to put my cargo trailer in a storage yard?  ;-)

It takes a while to get settled in when you know you're going to be in the same place for a couple months: a patio mat staked down, e-bikes unloaded from the CR-V, scooters unstrapped from the cargo trailer (which we get to keep on our site!), and all the usual RV utility hook-ups.

Mother Nature is supposed to bless us with mid-70s for daytime highs for a week or so.  Joan is going to make supper for us all tonight, and Steph asked if we'd work with her kids tomorrow on an on-going project that requires supervision.  Yep, getting settled in.

And... I get to keep my cargo trailer on our site!!  WhoooooHooooooo!!

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