Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Still waiting...

Guitar Hostage Crisis, Day 12...

I wait.  And pace.  And continue to check the tracking, even though it left the Irish Postal System's reach a couple days ago.  Oh, the agony.

If it hadn't been for the fact that the Emerald X7 went from Ireland to south Texas in four days, I probably wouldn't be so anxious.  Yes, I am aware that the timing was perfect on that journey, and much less so this time around.  Buying the guitar after their business hours on a Friday evening... the guitar getting packed and shipped with a group of guitars going out, a full week later.  Getting into the AN Post (Irish Postal System) on a late Friday.

Yes, even considering how all that lined up, this is longer.  Possibly more painful, because I do know what I am missing... the X7 was a production guitar; this one is a custom, with exotic wood veneer... and it looks gorgeous in the photos.  Well, yeah - that is what hooked me on this one.

Our postal service in south Texas is slow by any standard.  "Two Day Prime" from Amazon always takes at least three days.  I thought, perhaps coming to a major metropolitan area, though, that it might be more efficient in the trip.  I am hopeful that way.  Alas, no... maybe the folks in US Customs or the USPS are playing it and saying, "Wow!  This is a nice guitar!"  I hate to think that nice guitar is sitting there in its case, wondering: "Where am I going?  Is my new family going to take good care of me?  Sure seems like I have been sitting around a lot."

Fear not, new X20 - your new family is anxious to meet you.  You will meet your smaller sibling shortly after you arrive.  In a couple months, we'll introduce you to more instruments in the family.

Does anyone have Liam Neeson's phone number??


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