Saturday, February 4, 2017

The fast paced world of...

... garage door opener repair.

The garage door opener at Steph and Dan's house had become intermittent... when they would be ready to leave for work (and in a hurry), it wouldn't work... when they came home from work, it would work fine.  There were other issues with it - it was time to replace it.  Thoughtfully, Steph said, "Wait 'till my folks are here and Dad will help you with it."

So, today, Dan and I put on our garage door opener repairmen hats while Joan and Steph went shopping for the food we will be eating during the Superbowl tomorrow.

We were able to reuse much of the previous system, concentrating on the power-head and the peripherals.  Messing with the chain drive is just that: messy.  Well, greasy.  Rubber gloves and a few paper towels.  Aligning the chain on the new unit.  Teaching that unit the travel of the door.  Dan watched a 15 minute video on how to do it... only took us about two hours.  I'm guessing there was some time lapse and heavy editing done on that video.  ;-)

A few new features compared to their old opener: a wireless exterior keypad and the ability to control the door with a phone app.  Seems that things have gone more high-tech since I last installed a garage door opener about 15 years ago.

This makes me want a new garage door opener.  Well, a garage would be nice.

We finished our work about the same time that the ladies got back from shopping.  We compared results: we are going to have some good eats for tomorrow.  And, a garage door that opens and closes when you want it to.


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