Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Them Changes...

If you said, "Buddy Miles," give yourself 300 bonus points.

I am trying to transition from my venerable MacBook Pro to an iPad.  As we all know, there are a gazillion apps for the iPad, but nothing as powerful as the full Photoshop software on the computer.  Since we are no longer working, I don't use all the PS capabilities, but I do take a lot of photos... and they all need to be tweaked: color, density, crop, and resize.  There are free or inexpensive apps that will do that... but, I have never used them.

I have also been web surfing for a couple decades on my MacBooks, while Joan has been using iPads.  I find I have to say, "How do you do ....?" A lot.  Over the years, we have downloaded a lot of apps for phones and iPads.  Now, I find myself wading through all those while I try to determine which ones I'll really use.  For the record, I bought my first iPad when Apple came out with the cellular capable model, with an eye on using it for marine navigation.  I have also kept track of songs with an app on the iPad Mini (handy to clip it to a mic stand).  Other than that, I have relied more on my good ol MacBook Pros and phones.  'Cuz... photos.

I have to say that touching the screen is not normal for me.  I am used to the trackpad.  In fact, I have had to keep a close watch on Joan when she is looking at anything on my laptop, because she keeps wanting to touch the screen.  ;-)

And, all the while waiting for the e-mail from Emerald, alerting me that the new guitar has shipped.  (See where my mind goes?)

Do you see "the face" on the front of this guitar?


Bill K said...

I never got my mac book figured out so I would be just as lost on a Ipad, LOL

William B. Kelleher

Captain Jim and the Blonde said...

My MacBooks are old friends; been using them since the first one came out. I can use them without a second thought. When the iPads first came out, I showed Joan how to use it... now, having to ask her how to do things on it has been humbling. ;-)