Saturday, February 18, 2017

Thinking about going pro...

No, I'm not talking about the guitar.  I did the full-time musician thing in my younger years.  Yes, I am SO enjoying this new guitar, but last night, we took some time for... BINGO!

Joan and Steph like to do an evening of bingo at Community Bingo when we are here.  No, not 5 nights a week - maybe once a month.  There are about 20 different games in a session and the jackpots range from $75 to over $1,000.  When we have done this in the past, Joan, Steph, and Dan have all had a turn at winning a jackpot; sometimes, more than one.  I have never won, but I do enjoy seeing them get excited and hollering, "Bingo!"

That changed tonight...

Yes, I won.  Early in the evening, so it was a $75 jackpot.  I am pretty sure the new guitar brought me luck!  ;-)

The place isn't fancy, but it is well run, with very nice people working there.  You can bring snacks, and they do sell some food there.

In the past, I have felt that my bingo cards have had unlisted numbers.  This time, I even got close on a few other games... no, it isn't like horse-shoes, there are no points for "close."

There are regulars there - they know each other by name, and they have racks of fancy daubers (the thing like a marker that puts a blob of color on your bingo card when you touch it) and all kinds of good luck charms.  We brought ourselves and a few snacks... yeah, we know how to party.

We were done by 9:30, but there is another session that starts again at 10:30 on Friday nights... too much party for this pooper.  ;-)

Winning was fun - I am just happy to spend an enjoyable evening with my family.

I'm not sure if there are professional bingo players, but I'm ready to take this on the road!

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