Thursday, February 16, 2017

When your ship comes in...

Some discussion on a guitar forum about my wait for the new Emerald...

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You'll look back on the anticipation and it will be worth every second. I look forward to your ship coming in.
Ship?? First JD, now you?? It is supposed to be on a plane. Well, first a truck, then another truck, then a plane. Another plane. Another truck. Then a conveyor belt. Probably another truck. Three countries, two continents, cross an ocean, cross America, then make its way to another Post Office. What's the hold up??

I know about this ship stuff (that whole captain thing).  

What? Patient? Me? This is me being patient.  


Yeah, I'm kidding. I have all the faith in the world that this will be a truly special instrument. The timing could not have been better with this Select Series. I am full of anticipation (some might say full of something else)... if I play up the "can't wait" thing, the Blonde gives me cookies.  


Today is Day 13.  Wasn't lucky.  No guitar, yet.


We made an appointment to get new rear tires for the scoots.  I was pleasantly surprised at the price (how often can you say that??).  While there, we looked around for other scooters... not much, but we did find this 2006 Yamaha Morpheus...

No, that image hasn't been stretched - that is a Yamaha Morphus... long, low... kinda art deco looking.  Cool, but I won't be trading my PCX for it.  Comfortable, though.

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