Sunday, February 26, 2017

Who are you wearing?

Anyone else think that is a stupid thing to ask?

The Oscars are tonight.  Joan let me know we will be watching.  At lunch yesterday, she and Steph started coordinating who would be making what (to eat) while we are watching.  I understand coordinating Super Bowl food... but, the Oscars?

Of course, when they said what they'd be making... I'm in!

Who are you eating?  Yeah, that sounds just as stupid to my juvenile senses.  ;-)

Most years, I've seen maybe one or two of the nominated movies.  Some of the movies sound good, some... well, I'm sure they are... um... artistic.  It's a good opportunity for pampered Hollywood folks to give each other an award.  And dress up.  Wear borrowed jewelry.  Give meaningful short speeches, until the music cuts them off.  Walk the red carpet.

Some compare it to the Super Bowl... where overpaid guys chase a ball up and down a field... come running onto the field with a bit of fanfare... and afterwards make self-congratulatory speeches.

Either way, I'm in it for the food.  Are there good commercials during the Oscars??


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