Sunday, February 19, 2017

Who done it??

The ladies booked us for a "Murder Mystery Dinner" tonight.  They hooked me by saying, "It's going to be fun!  AND, it's at the Old Spaghetti Factory!  Really, it will be fun!"

Oh, and "We'll dress up like 1920s gangsters..." said very quietly.

Waiting to get seated...

I also didn't know we had the upgraded seating: best seats and photos included...

For anyone looking close, we are all now NBA stars, with Dan topping 7'6".  ;-)

Once seated, they snagged Dan to play one of the suspects...

That is Dixon, the second in command gangster who is also an under-cover FBI agent.

The premise: you ask questions of the suspects, listen for clues, and try to determine who committed the murder.  Each table was a team.  Hoaky?  Sure.  You could roll your eyes and not play along, or just go with it and have some fun.  We had fun.

We did manage to solve the murder, but another table had more details.  So close.  For the record, Dan wasn't the one who committed the murder... we all knew that, because... Dan is so nice.

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