Thursday, May 11, 2017

Beach baby, beach baby...

No, we didn't spend the day at the beach... so, no bikini pictures.  Apparently, last time I posted photos of me in a bikini, there was an internet-wide protest.

Yes, I'm kidding - no protest, only nice comments.  Joan does not feel a bikini is "age appropriate," but I do not possess that kind of filter.

Damn - digressing again.

Another windy day in the Tropical Tip, with the weasels promising decreasing winds by early evening.  Maybe, all the way below Small Craft Advisories.

We had lunch at Russo's on the island today, then a stop at Ace Hardware (one of our neighbors made a "modification" to a post on the side of our driveway), then a drive by the beach.  Pretty unoccupied...

The same weasels that are predicting the decreasing wind were calling for waves of "6 to 10 feet"... maybe earlier, but these looked to be 4 to 5 feet, and not particularly snotty.  There were a couple kite surfers out playing, but that was about it.

Who knows - maybe we'll get the cover off the boat for a sunset cruise today?

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