Monday, May 8, 2017

Cute kitties...

You ask, "You post photos regularly of the lovely Izzy, but where at the photos of the grandkitties?"

Thank you for asking.  I would be happy to post more grandkitty photos, but... since we are 1,300 miles away, we are dependent on someone (and by "someone," I mean: Stephanie) to send us photos of the fur babies.

For full disclosure, I started this blog 9 years ago so our sweet daughter could keep up with our exploits.  I didn't expect "a following."  The views here each day vary, but are generally between 1,000 and 3,000 views on any given day.  I do try to post something each day, as it has become a bit of a diary... well, a semi-public diary, where I can look back to see what we were doing.

I have a suspicion that our sweet daughter checks it several times a day... not sure where the other 2, 854 views are coming from?  But, as usual, I digress.  This post is all about Stephanie sending her dear ol' Dad a photo of the two youngest fur babies.  Anyone who has read here for any amount of time knows how proud we are of Steph and Dan, in their jobs as educators.  They are shaping the minds and lives of this next generation.  Now, truth be told, Steph would probably be happy to find a job that pays a good salary to pet kitties all day.  She gets absolutely gushy with any cat, but especially her three.

This evening, she sent me this photo of Alfie (the dark classic tabby male) and Tasha (the white and brown mackerel - no, I didn't make up that color name - female)...

Both beautiful cats.  And, featured right here for 1,000 to 3,000 people to see... for you, my sweet daughter.  ;-)

For those keeping track, these two are by bloodline: aunt and nephew; close enough in age that they are brother and sister in their household.  They are both Siberian Forest Cats.  Wonderful personalities.

And about twice the size of the older (pushing 17) tortoise-shell female, Torrie, that has been a part of their family since they moved to the desert southwest.

We have no grandkids... so, once in a while, I am going to talk about my grandcats.

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