Sunday, August 13, 2017

Day of rest...

Out for breakfast this morning, then some grocery shopping.  Yep, life in the fast lane.  ;-)  Well, we are taking this "off ramp" and plan to enjoy a day around the coach; and the peaceful setting in this campground.  Most of our neighbors have moved on, so Izzy has plenty of walking space.

On the way home, we stopped for a car wash...

The coach could use a bath, too, but it won't happen today.  Not because this is a "lazy day," but, like most campgrounds, this place doesn't allow vehicle/RV washing.  We have the stuff for "waterless" washing, but I don't like to use that when there is a coat of grime on the coach.  It is fine if it is just a light layer of dust... this grub isn't just dust.

So, there will be some cat walking.  Some music.  Maybe a trip to the laundry that is just across from us.  Maybe even a nap?

That's something to think about with extended time away from your daily routine.  We are not full-time RVers, this is more of an extended vacation.  And, occasionally, we need a day without running and sight-seeing.

We'll be on the road again tomorrow.

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