Monday, August 14, 2017

Didn't see that coming...

It was a gray ol' day as we cruised southwest from the Shenandoah Valley.  Our route would take us parallel to the Blue Ridge Parkway - wanting to make some time today, we stayed on the slab, and will take the Honda onto the Parkway tomorrow.

Leaving this morning, nice views...

All too soon, it was onto "the slab...

Traffic was light at first, then thickened up...

The weasels are calling for rain all along our route, most of this next week - a few light sprinkles...

Enough to make sure the freshly washed CR-V didn't stay that way.  Roads were good, except for one small portion...

A mile or so.  I had never seen signs on the Interstate saying that motorcycles must exit, prior to this road repair in progress.  It really didn't seem that bad; Virginia has decent roads.

We stopped for lunch... well, I let Joan out so she could get us lunch, while I worked my way through a McDonald's parking lot to get turned around.  It would have been easy, except for one oblivious woman who stopped right in front of me (mid-turn) while she messed with her phone.  I don't like to honk at people, but I made an exception.  I guess she had no idea she was stopped in the middle of the parking lot, blocking me from turning and others from getting in the drive-thru.

We got out of there unscathed, had lunch and made our way down the road.  Joan brought me a large diet soda... and, as you might expect, an old guy with a 24 ounce bladder and a 32 ounce drink meant I was going to need to pee.  TMI?  Don't read the next paragraph.

Stopped at a red light on the way to gas up, I asked Joan to take the wheel.  I went back to the bathroom in the Aspect and all was well... until, apparently, we were 4-wheeling... hey, I was in the bathroom and there are no windows... I didn't see it coming.  I whacked my head... the lid on the toilet came snapping down... yes, I apparently can stop mid-stream... lifted the lid... whacked my head again (due to the coach flailing side to side).

Clean up on Aisle 5!

Yes, I know you aren't supposed to get up and move around in an RV while underway.  Anyone else with an RV has done it.

Joan stopped just short of pulling up to the pumps, I hopped back into the driver's seat, and got us ready to fuel up.

Not far to the RV park destination for today.  It is perfectly adequate, and it meets our 2/2/22 Rule, at about 200 miles from where we left this morning, and being in by 2:00 in the afternoon.  Plus, there is grass between the sites, and Izzy approves...

She sniffs everywhere a dog might have peed... and, in case you have never seen a dog, that means everywhere.  "Do you know how many dogs have peed on this tree in the past week?"

"No, Izzy, I don't."

"18.  Isn't that gross?"  (Who knew cats have that kind of sense of smell?)

"About as gross as you sniffing it."

Apparently nothing had peed in this particular patch of grass.

We are down for a couple nights, then a bit further down the road.

Our next door neighbor asked if we were here for the eclipse... "No, but we will be closer to 'the path' when it passes."  He's here for the NASCAR race.  I would lose my "good ol' boy" card if I told him I had no idea where that might be.


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