Thursday, August 24, 2017

First the touristy stuff, then...

... the hurricane watch updates.

When in Nashville, a guitar player has to visit Gruhn Guitars.  I think it is a state law.

It used to be in downtown Nashville, but has relocated a bit further out.  They have a wonderful selection of guitars, heavy on Taylor and Martin, but lots of other great instruments.  Including the McPherson line, which offers wood and carbon fiber guitars.  I got to play both the Sable (larger, similar in size to my X20) and the Touring (smaller, and similar to the X7)...

The salesman's exact words were, "These are the cream of the crop for carbon fiber guitars."  They were very nice, but I definitely prefer the Emeralds over these.  No, I didn't say that in front of the salesman.  When someone is nice enough to let you try their wares, you don't say anything other than, "Thank you very much - those are nice."

Not to be a carbon fiber snob, I also tried a few wood guitars...

Taylor is well represented, and they do make excellent guitars - still my favorite in wood.  Nothing that followed me home, though.  Joan quite liked a lovely 562ce 12-string (4th from the right in the image above).  Typical of Taylor, the action on it was outstanding.

It was fun wandering around their store.  I had a few "I remember those days" moments, when I came across a Sears Silvertone amp... it was selling for $1,000.  I had one when I was 12 - seems they have appreciated quite a bit over the years.  ;-)  My only purchase was a t-shirt.

From there, we did a driving tour of the downtown area...

Some interesting architecture and plenty of honky-tonks...

The music was blasting out of the different bars.  We plan to come back another time to experience it "properly"... as we were told, after dark.

A light late lunch, then we are off to a dinner show this evening.  Neither of us are big country music fans, but we are music fans... and when in Nashville.  ;-)

Interesting city.


Now, on the weather front... seems that things have taken a turn for the worse in south Texas.  Originally predicted to be a "mild" Category 1 hurricane or tropical storm, Harvey is now predicted to make landfall tomorrow as a Category 3 hurricane.  Coming over a particularly warm area in the Gulf, it has picked up energy and is continuing to build.  This is going to get ugly.  The landfall will likely be 150 miles north of us, so they are going to get it even nastier.

Yesterday, the winds at our house were predicted to be 45 mph on Friday... this morning, the predictions were raised to 70 mph... this afternoon, they are now calling for 101 mph.  101??  Apparently, rounding off wouldn't be as dramatic.  We have everything battened down at our house, but we have been letting our neighbor tie off his 36' catamaran at our dock (yes, the dock we replaced two years ago with the nice, expensive tec-wood stuff).  He can't get it back to his dock due to the dredge operation having that canal blocked off.  At 101 mph, I don't see any way that cat isn't going to do some serious whacking on our dock... probably damaging both.  Joan said, "Hopefully that wind won't flip the boat onto our house."

Oh, shit!  When Hurricane Dolly hit in 2008, there were places that had boats blown up on the seawall and into buildings.  Nothing anyone can do at this point but wait it out.  We'll know more about how our area fares by tomorrow night.  If we have to cut our travels short to go home and pick up the pieces, that's what we'll do.

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