Saturday, August 19, 2017

How many cats do you have??

A "lay day"... probably not what you are thinking.  One definition would be: one of the days allowed by a charter or for a ship for loading or unloading (without payment of an extra charge).

We sat outside with Izzy this morning.  Did some shopping.  Lunch out.  More shopping.  While in line getting groceries, the guy behind us said, "How many cats do you have?" when he saw me put a case of cat food (mixed variety) on the conveyor.

I chuckled... "Just one, but this will last almost a month.  She has her favorites, and it's my job to pick them out; good variety here."

Maybe he was thinking: "Oh, I wonder if those old people are having to eat cat food?"

Probably not, he looked close to our age.


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