Friday, August 18, 2017

Keep _______ weird!

There are several cities that think they have the market cornered on weird: Austin, Portland, Key West... and now we have found, Asheville.

This morning, we did a trolley tour around town...

Our driver's name is Mike; Mike is retired from being a professional story-teller... traveling around to schools.  A perfect fit for a "fun summer job" for someone doing a narrated tour.

Mike's manner is very "folksy," while making it sound like a story instead of a bunch of facts.  The first part of the tour was through the upscale, historical homes area...

It is very apparent that this area was settled by some well-to-do folks, from George W. Vanderbilt's Biltmore to the early medical professionals to Thomas Wolfe.  And we toured through much of that.

Through downtown...

Heading out of downtown, the trolley has open "windows" - a bit of breeze...

We toured around the Biltmore area.  The trolley makes a stop here (several actually), but we chose to stay on and do the "city circle tour" - our tickets are good for another day, if we decide to see it closer up.  We also got an overview of the River Arts District - another option for further exploring.

We dined on North Carolina BBQ for lunch... yes, it is different from Texas BBQ, but still very tasty.  Some shopping, then back to the coach late afternoon.

I think I mentioned that this RV park is unusual: sites seem to be stuff in every which way.  What looked like a driveway for the manager's apartment next to us has become another RV site...

Yep, that's pretty close.  On the bright side, they are on the south side of us, so will give us some shade in the hot afternoon sun.  ;-)

The view of the highway from our site...

I would estimate that is less than 100' from our motorhome.  Joan said, "It could be worse - you could be in the site right next to the highway..."

"Or, like the sites just over from us - the front of their pull-through site opens onto the highway!"

I took Izzy for a walk.  Looking back towards our site...

Yep, we are "rubbing elbows" with the Newell.  We have that triangular shaped grassy area as part of our site.  The Newell has just enough room to open their door on the far side.

I have heard that RV sites and hotel rooms are getting very scarce and expensive as we get close to the day of the solar eclipse.  I guess our arrival time was good.

We are meeting a trailer sailor friend for supper this evening... Riley and I have been on the same sailing forum for almost 20 years; he happens to be in Asheville for work.  This will be the chance to meet face-to-face; looking forward to it.


On edit:

We had supper this evening with Riley - so nice to get to meet him in person.  As we have found with most internet friends we've had the chance to meet in person, he is the way he writes.  A delightful evening with the new friend I've known for so long.  ;-)

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