Wednesday, August 30, 2017


There is a certain amount of trust that goes into any transaction.  Service is a biggie.  I'd be lying if I said we haven't had our share of service problems.  This morning, we are in for an oil change, an emissions recall (change in computer programming), and tire rotation...

We stop for service at this Ford dealer (Campbell Ford, Ozark, MO) when we are in this area.  We trust them.  We bought our HitchHiker here.  They did all the installation with the hitch on Big Red, and made sure it was perfectly level, with our normal load.

In fact, the gentleman that heads up their RV sales department came out to visit with us while they are working on the coach.  (Our sales experience here when we bought the HitchHiker was still the best with any RV we've bought over the years.)  Oh, another positive here: we can stay with the motorhome; most places have you give them the keys and want you to go away.  Anyone traveling extended time in an RV will tell you how reassuring it is to stay with the coach.

In fact, I am writing this from my "work station" (aka the dinette) while they are working on us.

When they are done with us, we will get down the road, with a plan to spend some time in the Branson area.  With all the "new" places we have been this summer, Branson feels very familiar for us.  We'll kick back, relax, and decide how we want to head back to Texas... when the timing is right.


On edit:

The service went as expected, and we were out of there in one hour and 15 minutes.  On the road to Branson...

There are some serious up and down grades between Ozark and Branson.

We checked into the park (where we usually stay when in Branson) and went to our site to get settled in.  Except, the power turned on and off.  I went to the office to let them know there was an issue with this site; the lady offered to switch us to a different site, but it was smaller - "We'll just hang loose until your maintenance guy can check it out."  That wait turned into almost the same as our service this morning... he replaced the breaker and the electrical connection.  All is good, and we settled in.

For the record, we do use a surge protector device that also monitors for high or low voltage, reverse polarity, and an open ground.  Not an inexpensive unit, but it has protected us from electrical damage in the occasional RV park that has had an issue.

Roam, sweet home...

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